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Here is what we can offer:

  • Networking strength: depth of expertise with over 15 years recruitment experience in our highly focused and specialized fields of finance, accounting, tax and treasury: successful recruitment practice takes years of experience to ‘get it right’.
  • Expertise: what we do is represent a client’s brand name in the market.  From our many years of experience, we know how critical it is to understand a client’s business and its culture which not only is the key to completing recruitment assignments successfully but which also forms the basis for working together in partnership and adding value to a client’s business in the long term.
  • Service quality levels: perceived and remarked upon by candidates as unprecedented.  As recruiting agents, we go out into the market to search for the right candidate.  During the search process, we become a client’s ‘ambassador’ in the marketplace.  We promote ‘best practice’ handling of a candidate’s application (among others, interview preparation and debrief plus after-care service once a placement has been successfully executed).
  • Time dedication: being boutique in size and niche in our specialized areas of expertise, we are able to dedicate more concentrated commitment, time & energy to each project.
  • Big hunting ground: since the client base we represent is of a select size, we can thus offer greater scope in problem solving because our search universe is much bigger. We are less hindered by off-limits companies than our larger competitors.
  • Always deal with decision-maker: in some firms, consultants can come and go all too quickly which can break continuity while trying to build up a working relationship. With ANGUS MACKENZIE, as a client, you always deal 100% with Angus throughout thus helping to nurture the business relationship into the longer term (very short and open communication lines: always reachable even outside normal office hours).
  • Speed of delivering results: this is recognized within ANGUS MACKENZIE since we are not hindered by red tape / meetings about meetings / office politics etc. which can interfere with the swift delivery of results.  We are results driven and solutions focused.
  • Flexibility: highly personalized, tailored service exactly suited to client’s needs since no burdensome bureaucracy:

    “We are free of the many constraints that larger recruitment companies face and can therefore offer a highly personalised, tailored and prompt service.  This is the result of our deliberate strategy to remain human in size which continuously proves to be the key success factor in fulfilling our clients’ needs”.
  • Summary: ANGUS MACKENZIE strategically decided to be, and remains, small in size but big in reach and fast in response.  Being a niche and effective organization with a strong sense of identity, quality and customer focus, ANGUS MACKENZIE has been set up by someone with a passion and flair for the business of recruiting and problem solving!